Temperature Logger

The Tag T1 Temperature Logger

Unparalleled customization and Features

A Unique Form Factor

The Tag Temperature Logger comes in the format of a shipping label and is truly 2 Dimensional. The electronics, sensor and ZnMn battery represent less than 1mm of thickness. The Tags are adhesive-backed and can be conveniently stuck to most surfaces.

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Technical Specifications

The Tag T1 Temperature Logger is a versatile data logger that is well suited to a wide range of cold chain applications. Highly Reliable and Highly Accurate. Third party calibration reports are available upon request.

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Fully Customizable

Tags have the concept of a Profile, which is a configuration that is assigned to the Tag when started. The Profile sets the parameters for the logging interval, temperature zone (min & max), start delay, and alerts/notification settings when a breach occurs.

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Trusted by the World's Leading Supply Chains

All our Tags are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Accredited Facility and are calibrated by a credentialed Third Party. Our Tags contain no dangerous substances (RoHS Compliant) and can be disposed of as common waste (WEEE).

Compatible with your Smart Phone

Tag Temperature Loggers can be started and read using a smart phone (iOS or Android) using NFC technology. NFC Frequency: 13.56 MHz NFC Protocol: ISO/IEC14443 NFCFORUM Type (T2T) By downloading the free Tag TAP app you can start using Tag Temp Loggers with zero infrastructure investment.

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Easy Bulk Scanning

High throughput, high volume applications are handled easily with our UHF RFID Gun. Read many Tags at a time with this ruggedized reader. Reads can be done at a distance (up to 6 meters) or through thick insulation or containers. Frequency: 865 MHz – 868 MHz (EU) ETSI EN 302 208 Protocol: ISO18000-6C EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2

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